Wyoming Veterinary Technician Association

PO Box 34
Cody, WY 82414



Wyoming Veterinary Technician Association


Application for Biennial Period
January 1, 2022-December 31, 2023

Check application is complete with all required documentation prior to submission to avoid delay in processing.

Note: Any additional documentation should be emailed to CVT_Members@wyvta.org
or sent to:

Jackie Van Noy, CVT/Members,
1532 26th St. Cody, WY 82414


MEMBERSHIP: To apply for 2022-2023 membership in WyVTA, find the option for the biennial membership below.
You will choose your payment package at the end of the application.

Membership Biennial CVT: initial or renewing = $40
**Biennial Membership is REQUIRED for veterinary technicians wishing to certify with WyVTA.

⦁ Membership Biennial Associate Member: DVM, hospital staff; initial or renewing = $40

⦁ Membership Biennial VT Student (includes right to individual WyVTA vote, must be current AVMA accredited VT program student, regardless of year in school) = $30


CERTIFICATION: Veterinary technicians eligible to be Certified Veterinary Technicians (certify or re-certify) with WyVTA, select one option in the certification group below; You will choose your payment package at the end of the application.

⦁ Certification Biennial CVT; initial (first time certifying with WyVTA) = $10
**Documentation is required. Please review entire application.

⦁ Certification Biennial CVT; renewing = $0 if paid by January 10 of 2022
**CE documentation required for renewing (prior 2 years as defined in the WyVTA Bylaws).

⦁ Certification Biennial CVT; renewing, but overdue = $10 received/paid after January 10 of 2022
*If certifying, ensure you also have a membership selected to complete the application.

Please Do NOT abbreviate.