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Accredited Veterinary Technician Program: College level training for veterinary technicians leading to an associate degree or certificate of completion of a minimum of a two (2) year program as recognized and approved by the AVMA CVTEA (Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities)

AVMA: American Veterinary Medical Association (https://www.avma.org/): The primary association of veterinarians in the United States. Works closely with NAVTA on veterinary technician, veterinary assistant, and veterinary technician and assistant students.

AAVSB: American Association of Veterinary State Boards (https://www.aavsb.org) National association of the state’s veterinary boards which meets to review and guide veterinary state boards on rules and guidelines for veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and veterinary staff, as well as working with state legislation for all matters concerning veterinary medicine.

CVT – Certified Veterinary Technician is responsible to the client and to the veterinarian in the following respects:
to undertake only what the veterinarian authorizes or directs,
to perform his/her work only in the manner directed by the veterinarian,
to employ his/her best care and skill in performing all work for the veterinarian; not to undertake any work which he/she is not capable of performing satisfactorily, and
*to NOT diagnose, prognose, prescribe, or perform surgery.

CE Committee: The WyVTA shall form and maintain a committee to assess, define, and assign CE credits. Said committee shall review, approve, and submit a compilation of accumulated credits and applicants to the WyVTA executive board for issue of re-certification as needed.

Continuing education (CE) requirements: A minimum of 10 hours of approved continuing education will be required every 2 years to apply for re-certification.

  • Proof of attendance will consist of a copy of certificate of attendance stating date, course name, course instructor, sponsoring organization, and clock hour length of course.
  • Continuing education shall be approved and credits assigned by the Wyoming Veterinary Technician Association Continuing Education Committee and shall consist of the following:
    • Any CE program for veterinarians and/or veterinary technicians sponsored by any national, regional, state, country or district veterinary medical association or veterinary technician association, approved by its Board of Directors and preferably RACE approved (Registry of Approved Continuing Education) by the AAVSB (American Association of Veterinary State Boards.
    • Any CE program for veterinarians and/or veterinary technicians sponsored by an AVMA approved school of veterinary medicine or animal health/veterinary technology school.
    • Other courses as approved by the WyVTA CE Committee.

DVM – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine: The licensed veterinarian has a legal and moral responsibility to the client and to the veterinary technician in the following respects:

  • to personally examine the animal before the veterinary technician carries out any procedure,
  • to direct, control and supervise the conduct of the veterinary technician in his/her work,
  • to authorize or require the veterinary technician perform only such work as the veterinarian knows that the technician is capable of performing,
  • to direct the veterinary technician to perform his/her work in the proper method and manner, and
  • no one may use a veterinary technician to staff a separate place of business without direct supervision of a licensed veterinarian on the premises.

NAVTA: National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (www.navta.net). Supplies guidelines for credentialed veterinary technicians and a national source of communication.

Graduate Veterinary Technician: Verified graduate (diploma or certificate) of an AVMA accredited veterinary technician program, may or may not have taken the VTNE yet, is not yet certified, registered, or licensed by a state.

Grandfather Veterinary Technician Eligibility for certification defined: After June 16, 2006, only graduates of approved and accredited programs as herein defined will be permitted to take the examination and become certified with the WyVTA.

Reinstatement of certification: A certificate which has lapsed/expired for the sole reason of nonpayment of fees may be reinstated within 4 years of issue by paying the delinquent fees and penalties as assessed by the WyVTA and meeting the CE requirements per annum.

Relationship with the client: On any occasion where the technician deals or communicates directly with a client, he/she should make it perfectly clear to the client that he/she is not a veterinarian and that he/she is employed or directly supervised by a veterinarian.

VTNE (Veterinary Technician National Exam):

  • The national examination administered to graduates of veterinary technician programs or those that qualify to sit for the exam in their respective state.
  • The exam is administered under the proctorship of the AAVSB at dedicated testing facilities identified by AAVSB on predetermined dates by the AAVSB.
    • All registration for the examination is done via the AAVSB at https://www.aavsb.org/vtne-overview/
    • Applicants should have scores sent to the WyVTA for certification processing: https://www.aavsb.org/vtne-overview/score-report
    • It is recommended applicants keep copies of all documentation and utilize return receipt and/or tracking of all submitted materials via USPS, FedEx, or UPS.
    • The passing score is determined by AAVSB for each given test and that verification of the member’s score and passage of the VTNE must be on file in the WyVTA office.